7 Apr 2015

the Easter weekend in numbers

53 – pots of seeds planted on Friday.

6.7 km –– the distance I ran on Saturday (the furthest I've ever gone!).

3 am – the hour I came home on Sunday morning (after an excellent night out with some of my favourite ladies).

75 mins – the time spent driving down to the New Forest to have Easter lunch with family on Sunday.

1 – New Forest pony petted.

10-12 – pictures taken of blossom (I am a little obsessed).

18° C – that's how lovely and warm it was here in London yesterday. Hello Spring!


  1. Ah it was so lovely and warm right? Such a nice weekend! Awesome for the amount of seeds planted too! Congrats on 7km, you will be at 10 in no time! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Loving this weather, let's just hope it's sticking around! Got my fingers and toes crossed that most of the seeds sprout :) X

  2. What a lovely weekend! I am indeed enjoying this new warm weather!

    1. bloody great isn't it? Even bought a new pair of sunnies to celebrate!


Ta v.much :)

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