30 Apr 2015

April was...opportunity central!

It's been a bloody great month, for many reasons: the blossom, lots of warm and sunny weather, I started my new job, Mitch and I planted some veg and I caught up with lots of friends who I'd not seen in a while. Despite all these good things, I can't say that my goals were a roaring success in April...

1. Finish reading the three books I'm half way through. Alas, only one. On the plus side though, I finished more books this month than I have done in ages.
2. Find alternative breakast foods. Moderate success with this one. I mixed-up my bread-heavy breakfasts with mornings of porridge and fruit. Not the most exciting substitues but at least it's a start.
3. Find a dress (or possibly dress pattern to make) for a hen do next month. I think I've found a contender :)
4. Buy some bras! Yes! Aaaand I got a new sports bra to boot.
5. Do some printing! Negative. I had hoped to do some before starting my new job but I never got around to it.
6. Try 3 new veggie recipes. HUGE fail. Infact I only tried two new recipes the entire month and only one was veggie.
7. Go for a walk everyday, 20 minutes at least. (I realise that doesn't sound like much but this unemployment shiz has meant that some days - bad days - I don't leave the house.) I did actually stick to this, the good weather definitely helped.
8. Continue to apply for jobs (one a day) and do some prep for interviews. Yup, all the way up until I got my job offers.
9. Organise my craft supplies (and possibly get rid of some). ...organise yes (a little bit any way), get rid of stuff no.
10. Give some change to the next great busker you hear. Shamefully, I don't recall giving any money to a busker this month. I blame the fact that I hardly ever have change on me these days. Perhaps my new rule needs to be, to make sure that I always have change in an easily accessible place.

So here we are, a third of the way through the year (sorry!). I'm looking forward to bank holidays, warmer sunnier days, my friend's hen party and volunteering at an exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery. All I ask of you, May, is: let's keep the pollen count and hayfever to a minimum yeah? Thanks!


  1. Again, congrats, lady! I'm pretty pleased to just to have found a new dentist this week. I've been wanting to walk around my neighborhood a bit more but then my couch and a bottle of beer call my name......ah well. It'll happen eventually.

    1. Thank you :) beer in the park maybe...best of both!

  2. A third of the way through - whaaaat?! No, can't be possible... *counts on fingers*... oh crap.

  3. mmmm the food does look good boo. But porriage is never a good alternative to delicious cereal x

    1. I'm really off cereal for some reason, too much milk I think x


Ta v.much :)

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