8 Apr 2015

Nine go to Shropshire!

As the title hints, a few weekends ago, myself, Mitch and seven of our excellent friends hired a big red car and drove to Shropshire. The plan? Hill walking, pub grub eating, a bit of boozing – and that's pretty much what went down. Saturday was spent walking/getting slightly lost/freezing our butts off (we actually found snow) in the stunning Shropshire hills. A well deserved shower later and we headed to the nearest pub to eat ludicrously large portions of pie and drink stupidly cheap pints of ale (as a Londoner I am constantly chuffed with the cheapness of things outside of the capital). Merry and bright we walked back to our hostel through the pitch black country lanes without being run over/eaten by wild animals, to play one of the most hilarious games of Cards Against Humanity I've ever witnessed. My stomach actually hurt I laughed so much.

On Sunday we drove back to London but not before stopping off at an owl centre and small breeds farm, where not only did we see some amazing owls, but we also got to pet them! Owls are so incredibly soft and seem to really like being stroked. The farm also had an impressive collection of different goat breeds, some of who had recently had kids! Naturally, we fed and petted as many as we could, including the most adorable pygmy goats. Our final stop before heading south was a bloody good pub lunch in the tiny village of Eardisley. Thinking of going to Shropshire? We stayed at Wilderhope Manor an incredible 16th Century manor looked after by the National Trust. I'd definitely recommend it, quite easily the most awesome hostel I've ever stayed in.

So that was our excellent weekend in the good old English countryside :)


  1. Owls! Gotta love some owls. And the pygmy goats! Oh so cute! Sounds like you had an excellent time. Good friends are the best!

  2. Yup I was properly spoilt that weekend - owls, pygmy goats and best bunch of mates :)


Ta v.much :)

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