4 Apr 2015

good distractions #7

Ah, the internet. Full of so many many things to completely and utterly distract me from the somewhat (read: incredibly) tedious task of filling in job application forms. I'm fairly good at focusing but here are some excellent things that I came across in my weaker moments.

These unbelievably cute totems by Laura Johnston

These crochet slippers by Sandra Juto

These excellent books from Penguin Classics 

This photography series of a group of sisters who had their picture taken every year since 1975. 
I just love seeing the changes (faces, hair styles, clothes) over time. 

These cuddly sea creatures by Big Stuffed.
(Obviously my sofa needs a whale and a star fish.)

These fabrics all from Ray-Stitch

This video

Happy almost Easter!


  1. OMG I need one of those stuffed whales in my life!! xx

  2. The whales are so cute!! And I think I really need a totem x


Ta v.much :)

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