13 Apr 2015

the dealio

Reading - The Bees by Laline Paul. I'm halfway through and it is ace.

Watching - the final episodes of Parks & Rec (so sad but so good), finally the last episode of Twin Peaks (really disappointing), Pompeii (SO bad it was excellent), Going Clear (a HBO documentary about scientology, incredibly interesting if a little terrifying).

Making - a summery top and crocheting some granny circle squares (which will likely become some sort of blanket).

Eating - some amazing sausages at our first BBQ of the year on Friday. V.glad BBQ season is back!

Drinking - waaaaay too much of everything on an excellent night of dancing till the small hours on Saturday.

Visiting - Renegade Craft Fair at the Truman brewery. My sis and I had one of our Super Sister Saturdays - browsing the amazing wares of all the sellers (as well as buying a few bits and bobs) AND eating mac'n'cheese.

Listening - to this! Makes me want to dance everytime (the video is also pretty fun).

Growing - hopefully, a selection of veg and herbs. Some of the seeds we planted last weekend have sprouted, including: rocket, basil, broccoli and beetroot. Fingers crossed the others will make an appearance soon.

Feeling -  Excited (for dinner with friends next week, for Collect art fair next month, for Scotland in June), knackered (truthfully, I've not made a full recovery from Saturday night - my body is certainly showing its age), confident (job search stuff? I got this).


  1. I really wanted to go to Renegade, it looked ace. Stupid hideously expensive trains to London :(

    1. oh no! There's another one - October or November time - see if you can book your tickets early and come then. There seems to be more sellers at the pre-Xmas one too.

  2. Im not making anything at the moment. My crafty side is severely lacking! Hope the seeds sprout soon! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Cheers Jasmin. More have poked through but I think we're going to have to move them as they're not getting enough light! x

  3. Bees! Bee? We'll see who bring in more honey. I'll stop that now.

    After you explained the story of The Bees, I am terrified. I was even more terrified when I was reminded about this story after a large wasp (close) got into the office and terrorised everyone.

    Awesome Super Sister Saturday/National Siblings Day!

    1. It's a really good book, maybe you could try the audio version? I think you'd like it.

      Indeed it was :)


Ta v.much :)

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