20 Oct 2016

getting back into crochet - making blankets!

I've taken a bit of a break from yarn (see my last post for my weird habit of 'sewing in summer, wool in winter'), my last foray into crochet being many moons ago in April. To get back into the groove, I thought I'd try something easy - blankets!

Firstly, my boss volunteers at an animal sanctuary and they currently need hats for baby birds (to sit in rather than wear) and blankets for hedgehogs. So, I decided to crochet a little blanket for a recuperating hedgehog. Ta da! As you can see it's just a glorified granny square but it was the perfect thing to get back into crochet.

Secondly, my very good friend Lauren had another baby (boy) this summer so I decided to make him a blanket. Again, it's a lovely simple pattern (granny rows??) but I really like the colours. Best of all, I got to deliver it in person, which of course meant baby cuddles!!!! :D ♥ Oscar is SUCH a cutie.

Next, I need to pick up my knitting needles again...pattern/idea suggestions most welcome :)

9 Oct 2016

summer sewing

It's that time of year again, this week I packed away my summer clothes and brought my knitwear out of hibernation. As I de-hangered my tees, skirts and sundresses I noticed that about a quarter of them were made by me, and a fair few of them being recent makes too! *smug feels* This summer, for reasons unknown, inspired a surge of sewing activity, and in particular dressmaking. I've already blogged about some of my apparel but here are three more...

Yup, another zippy tee, that's a total of five now, it really is an awesome pattern. It was originally a shapeless (rather unflattering) dress bought on sale from ASOS. Joyously there was enough fabric to give it a new life!

The Fen Dress from Fancy Tiger Crafts, fabric from John Lewis. Overall I like the pattern (a dress with pockets is always a winner) but the bodice is a little on the baggy side and the sleeves are rather odd. This one is wearable (I wore it quite a bit thoughout the summer) but I think I'll drop down a size for my second attempt.

Lastly my chambray dress. It's the basic bodice and gathered skirt (the 'sleeves' are my own addition) from Tanya Wheelan's Ultimate Dressmaking Guide. Of all the things I made over the summer, I'm most proud of this dress. Sure, the zip is wonky (oops) and the 'sleeves' don't sit as well as they could, but it's super comfortable, I'm pleased with the fit and I love the silhouette as well as the trim I added.

Looking back over my creative exploits sewing is definitely something I focus on in the warmer months - summer dresses and tees for the most part - whilst the autumn and winter is given over to crochet and knitting. I'd like to try some colder weather dressmaking items this year, perhaps a jersey sweatshirt...we shall see.

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