1 Aug 2015

July was...green

Firstly, hello, it's been a while! Apparently I took some unplanned blogging leave in July. I wish it was because I've been off galavanting in foreign lands for a month but nay. The lack of posting is just pretty much because 1. I've been busy and 2. busy doing things that don't really warrant stand alone blog posts (apart from going to Ireland which was AMAZING, I hope to share those pictures soon).

So July was green, super green actually (for anyone who gets the Fifth Element reference). That colour sums up the month for two main reasons: because Ireland really is the emerald isle, mostly because it rains A LOT (certainly on the west coast anyway) which makes the place look v.lush indeed. July was green also because our veg garden has been producing stuff! We've been spending a lot of time down in my nan's garden attending to our plants, which although it takes a good few hours out of our precious weekday evenings, it's so so worth it. Gardening - specifically veg and herb plants, I've not really got into flowers yet save for a couple of sunflowers I'm growing - has sort of become my hobby, I love it! The only downside is that my oher hobbies - knitting, crochet, sewing, making stuff in general - have all taken a back seat. The last thing I made was way back in May (and it was a dress which I haven't actually finished so it doesn't really count). I miss making and I've actually found myself getting grumpy because I haven't got the time to do it! That saying about not enough hours in the day springs to mind. Of course, the thing is, I have all the time in the world, I just need to manage it better. Turn down a few after work drinks to go home and slow down, appreciate my evenings a bit more. August is going to be all about balance for me.

Other notable happenings in July: Mitch and I have properly started flat-hunting which left me feeling green with inexperience. But seriously though, why must property buying be so hard???!!!!! I'll save my rant on the absurdly expensive London flat/house prices for another day. In other news, Moriarty is still alive and kicking, but over the last six weeks or so he seems to have aged dramatically. We've taken the wheel out of his cage as he can no longer run on it and we've removed the extra level and ramp as he was seriously struggling to climb it. He's still as curious (and hungry) as ever but he's slowed right down and sleeps about 80% of the time. At two years and seven months he's definitely an old man in hamster years but when he's awake he's still up for playtime :)

I think that sums up my July quite nicely and I'm feeling positive about August, not least because it contains 5 weekends!!! Let's keep our fingers crossed for some warm and sunny weather ☀☀☀

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