31 Aug 2015

August was... supercharged

A LOT has happened this month and supercharged seems like the best way to describe it. Charged with emotion, charged with excitement, charged with the good kind of pressure and the bad kind of stress.

The loss of Moriarty overshadowed much of the month, I still miss that little guy an awful lot but I'm getting better (I don't want to cry every time I look at a picture of him - progress!). August brought our 1st wedding anniversary, and with it a weekend break to Brighton which was much needed. Getting away, and in particular being by the sea, tends to encourage me to reflect and it gave me time to put things into perspective. Work-wise, it's been a good month, the project I'm working on is really taking shape. I've been feeling the pressure but, so far, it's manageable and quite exciting what with a bit a travel up and down the country on the cards for next month! August was also the month we upped our flat hunting game - going to viewings, getting credit checks, figuring out potential budgets, looking at solicitor quotes and (gulp) getting to grips with mortgages. It's been stressful, and will, I imagine, continue to be so, but fingers crossed we'll get a flat at the end of it all!

We've not been the most social of creatures this month and September will have to be a quiet one too - we need to save like crazy! Saying that though, the new month brings a short trip to Slovakia and a weekend in the Yorkshire dales which'll be fun. I'm hoping to get back into my knitting too - I've missed it and the arrival of this early autumnal weather might be the push I need to get started again. Compared to last summer, 2015 has been decidedly un-crafty, probably because of the garden. Yeah, I'll just blame it on the vegetables :)

Hope you're all having excellent long weekends!

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