12 Aug 2015

Wedding DIYs #3 Entertainment

The last instalment of my wedding DIYs (here's parts one and two).

Movie Bingo
Mitch put together a playlist of film music and movie quotes and together we made v.simple little bingo cards (with film names rather than numbers) and, after the food, we asked our guests to play a game of musical bingo. Mitch and I played hosts - which was lots of fun - and we had three prizes to give away (for one line, two lines and full house). A pretty cheap means of entertainment but it went down v.well with everyone and got people talking on their tables.

From fairly early on Mitch announced that he wanted to handle the photobooth. We'd looked at a few that you could hire and they, like everything wedding related, were super expensive. I can't give you too may details about how Mitch went about creating the photobooth as a lot of IT stuff is very much lost on me. I know he downloaded a programme and synched it to a web cam and printer, arranged it so that the pictures saved to the computer and printed out, he got some props together and his best man (ultimate IT genius) got it all set up and working late on the Friday night before the wedding. (I am so grateful for this as literally everybody at the wedding commented on how much they loved the photobooth). So, yes, you can fork out a fortune for a photobooth but if you've got the skillz (or know someone with the skillz) there's nothing stopping you from making your own, we did and probably saved us about 500 quid.

Guest book
In the lead up to our wedding I'd read a number of blogs saying that guest books were kinda pointless and a hassle to get people to sign but, having done one, I'd have to disagree. Yes, lots of the pages are filled with drunken messages but they're great messages, very much in the moment, and, along with all the pictures from the photobooth, we've got them to look back on. Although you can buy specific "wedding guest books" they can be pricey. We ended up getting a plain page book from Paperchase - they're a pretty good bet in case you're looking for a book option.

 And thus concludes this mini series, just in time before mine and Mitch's first wedding anniversary on Sunday ;)

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  1. Awww, congrats on your anniversary! Movie Bingo sounds amazing and everyone loves a photobooth. That's so cool that you were able to put on together.


Ta v.much :)

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