27 Aug 2015

p a p e r (our 1st anniversary)

Paper is the traditional gift for a 1st wedding anniversary so Mitch and I got each other books (Mitch's gets added kudos because the book he got me was Lists of Note and lists are traditionally written on paper too). I also made the little paper cut above because narwhals are a thing for us (and also they are the best).

It's funny, for the first few months after we got married, friends asked me "how does it feel to be married? Any different?" and I casually shrugged my shoulders and said "nah, not really, nothing's changed at all. We're exactly the same." Ask me now and my answer would be different. Things have changed, small things like the fact that I get to say 'husband' a lot for a start (which I'm loving). Originally I wasn't so keen on the word 'wife' but it's great! I love being Mitch's wife, and when he introduces me as his wife to someone new, it's bloody ace (I know I sound weird, I can't really explain it). In terms of feeling differently, I feel like we're, if it's even possible, more of a team. We said some heartfelt (if perhaps a little cheesy) vows to each other  at the wedding and they honestly feel more and more relevant as time goes on. It is all about being there to support each other in whatever way we can and in whatever we do. I also feel super comfortable talking about the future, what we might do and where we might go. Obviously nothing is set in stone but certain aspects are becoming more focused, plus it's fun to talk about the possibilities that lie in store for us. Not that we didn't talk about stuff or that I didn't feel comfortable before we got married, everything now just feels that bit brighter, that bit...sparklier!

As first years of marriages go, it's not been the easiest - still living in my parents' attic, my redundancy and subsequent miserable-ness throughout my unemployment. But through it all, Mitch has been my absolute rock - cheering me up, offering advice, doing interview practice with me, not to mention bankrolling me when I had literally nothing. I don't like to get super mushy on here but if I can't do it on our wedding anniversary when can I? He is generous and thoughtful and the most positive person I've ever met. I cannot tell you how awesome Mitch has been this year. Here's to many more adventures, laughs and cuddles - I am one lucky lady, that man is the bees knees :) 


Ta v.much :)

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