12 Jul 2015

the illustrated packing list: west coast of Ireland

* Hello! My ineptitude coupled with the fact that my phone is on it's very last legs (and thanks to intermittent signal & wifi) this post didn't publish last Sunday as I'd thought... but here it is anyway! We arrived home earlier today and I've got a lot of pretty pics to sort through (which I'll share obvs) - Ireland is one hell of a beautiful place :) *

I'm currently hanging around at Luton airport awaiting to hear which gate to go to - first post written on the move! Exciting. As the packing list says, I'm off to the west coast of Ireland for a week, starting off near Galway and ending up in Cork. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I've never been to Ireland before which just adds to the fun! We're doing some camping and hostelling, probably some walking, lots of exploring with a few pints of Guinness thrown in for good measure. Should be good :)


  1. Oh my you're sooooo lucky! I still consider our Ireland roadtrip as one of my best holidays. We did a roadtrip and slept at campings and in the wild. Our trip was from Dublin - Wicklow - Kilkenny- Blarney - Cork - Killarney- Sneem - (Ring of Kerry) - Dingle - Doolin - Galway - Roundstone - Shanaheever - Clifden - Letterfrack - Shannon. Have te best of times!

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Ta v.much :)

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