2 Sep 2015

experiments in dressmaking - Kim dress

Last month I finally finished my version of By Hand London's Kim dress. Started in May (and originally intended to be worn to my friend's hen do) but it stayed on my dressmakers manikin, lacking a zip and a hem, for 2 whole months, until a few weeks ago...!
Truth be told I was putting off completing it because of the dreaded invisible zip, I loathe them. As you can see the zip on Kim isn't great and it looks a little tight at the back (although it doesn't feel it whilst wearing it). Positive points: I luuuve the neckline, even if it is a little more breasty that I'd usually go. Also, the gathered skirt came out pretty well and the fabric (a pre-cut 3m piece from the goldhawk road) is perfect - summery, soft and light.

Overall I'm happy but as always I've a couple of tweaks to make on take 2, pockets for start!


  1. Wow, this looks fab! I love the print, it's a nice twist on a more common floral print.


Ta v.much :)

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