30 Jun 2015

June was...all about getting the band back together

And I don't mean a literal band (the only band I was ever part of was back when I was 17 - we were called the Broken Barbies (cringe) and played Blondie and No Doubt songs, we rehearsed a lot but never did a single gig, most definitely for the best). No, the band I'm talking about is figurative and actually refers to a number of occassions this month when my friends all came together and had a bloody good time. The first being on our trip to Scotland, the second was my friends' 1920s themed wedding (the bride of which was actually the drummer in the Broken Barbies in case you were wondering). I also enjoyed dinner dates, curry nights, beer garden catch-ups, park lunches, a father's day dinner aaaand I finally got around to skyping one of my best friends who moved to Australia (god knows why I kept putting it off it wasn't weird, mordern tech is awesome).

So yes, it was a v.good month indeed, a bit of a boozy one with plenty of good food - again Scotland and the wedding but also a visit to Hawksmoor in Spitalfields. You see, it was also Mitch's birthday this month so I took him to the famous steakhouse, and good lord, the food was incredible. I'm not entirely sure how we managed it but not only did we go for starters (crab on toast, how was I to say no?), as well as the steaks (natch) with sides of spinache and mac'n'cheese (obvs), PLUS dessert of peanutbutter shortbread with salted caramel icecream (it was as good as it sounds). Our waitress even guessed it was Mitch's birthday and put a candle in the icecream, wrote happy birthday in chocoalte sauce on the plate AND gave us free glasses of dessert wine. Yup, it was aces. Obviously Hawksmoor isn't a great place for vegetarians but meat eaters, get yourselves there asap!

June was an expensive month which means my July will be pretty quiet, save from my week's holiday to Ireland in 5 days time (!!!! so v.excited). But before that I've still got a few days of figuring out what I can possibly wear that is work appropriate in this glorious heat wave... In other news this, blogger informs me, is my 500th post - craaaay-zee ;) Happy Tuesday all!

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