1 Jun 2015

making the most of my weekends

I've only been back in full-time employment for six weeks but good lord, do I look forward to my weekends. Whilst I was umemployed there wasn't really any distinction, weekends just merged into the rest of the week, but now, now I feel like I've really earned them! I've had a run of some particularly excellent weekends and, truthfully, each of these Saturdays started out as an attempt at 'photo an hour' - hence why there's a lot of pics - but I failed at that, repeatedly. Instead, I present to you a mish mash of the best bits of my May weekeends.

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A trip to the cutesy town of Leigh-on-Sea to see my friend and her gorgeous bubba, the day before his 1st Birthday (cue lots of talk of how quickly time is passing - I swear it's speeding up!). I baked a lemon and bluebuerry cake for the occassion (which I fully intend to make again) and we ended the day walking through the old bit of town, eating cockels and icecream (not together obvs). On returning back to London that evening we headed to a friends' brithday dinner and drinks wherein I drank v.good beer AND made friends with a man and his sausage dog, the latter who happily sat in his owners bag with his head poking out. Cuteness overload. Sunday was mostly spent in the garden (here's our latest progress), general mooching about and a bit of sewing :)

The following weekend was my friend's hen party. Her bridesmaid had organised a 50s pin-up style photoshoot for us - complete with outfits, props, hair and make-up - which was A-MAZING. I went for a more modest outfit but I absolutely loved getting my hair styled. Truthfully, I don't really wear much make-up and spend, on average, 5mins on my hair so the shoot was a real treat. You'd be hard pushed to recognise me in the final pictures. Again, Sunday was super chilled which included giving our bedroom a huge spring clean whilst listening to Cerys Matthews on BBC 6 (she has the most soothing voice). On the bank holday Monday we had ourselves a mini London adventure featuring a visit to the beautiful Barbican Centre to see a v.cool exhibition about artists' collections, a mooch around the v.interesting Museum of London (which I'd highly recommend - even to Londoners) before dropping in on The Joint for some well deserved (we'd done SO much walking) beers and a BBQ pulled pork bun :)

Which brings me to last weekend wherein we had dinner at a friends' and admired the stunning views of London from the rooftop garden. The rest of the weekend revolved around preping for our impending trip to Scotland - buying a tent, sleeping bags and other camping paraphernalia as well as testing out said tent in the garden (it's all good). And one constant throughout all these most excellent weekends? Cuddles with Moriarty of course :)
A video posted by _annie_h (@_annie_h) on


  1. You look amazing in the hen photos! I LOVE that dress (of course I do - my passion for polka dots has been well established by now!)

    1. aw thanks :) I really didn't want to give the dress back!


Ta v.much :)

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