14 Jun 2015

the last two weeks in numbers

Hello! Long time no blog ;) Just thought I'd check in. It's been a SUPER busy couple of weeks - social-wise, holiday-wise, work-wise. I really wouldn't be lying if I told you that I've had just one empty evening over the last 14 days...

8 - members of my family Mitch and I cooked for to celebrate a fleeting visit from my auntie and uncle over from New Zealand.

3/6/15 - date of the most stressful day I've had at work so far. Trying to plan for two events before going on holiday with v.little help: not fun.

13 - hours spent on the sleeper train from London to Euston.

4 - glorious, albeit knackering, days in Scotland :) (more on this soon, once I sort out the pics, but that above is a sneaky peak of what to expect).

1st - work event attended at Birmingham university last Thursday. I didn't really know what to expect but it was really interesting. I missed out on all the talks but I did get to go on a lab tour to see where (and how) the scientists carry out their research into blood cancer - I even got a chance to extract DNA from a kiwi fruit (for ethical reasons we couldn't use a person's but the process is exactly the same)!

1:45 am - the time I got home this morning after a friend's fabulous wedding. Currently feeling a little worse for wear. Certainly not ready for Monday tomorrow, where has the weekend gone?! Le sigh.

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  1. I saw your pictures of Skye on Instagram and was well jel - I absolutely loved it when I visited 5 years and ago and wish I could go back soon. Hope you had a fab time!


Ta v.much :)

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