26 Jun 2015

pictures from a Great Gatsby-esque wedding

A couple of Saturdays ago my friend got married in the former home of Mr Selfridge (yup, as in Selfridges) Mayfair's Lansdown Club. To go along with all the art deco fabulousness, my friend suggested a 1920s dress code for all the guests. Now, my inital reaction was horror. I'd look about as elgant as a potato in a sock if I had to wear a flapper dress. However, once I actually did some internet searching, my worries were quashed. People DO make 1920's-ish dresses for larger ladies - huzzah! And, having arrived at the venue, I was so glad I made the effort because, sorry to gush, but everyone looked f-ing amazing as well as right at home in the spectacular Lansdown Club. 

Dress is from ASOS and just for a bit of fun I made a v.simple headband complete with lace, feathers and shiny buttons :)

Been to any good weddings of late?


  1. All the dresses are so cool! The theme is just too perfect too, love the 1920s AND the Paper Moon picture!

  2. Wow what a great theme for a wedding! Love that paper moon.


Ta v.much :)

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