22 Sep 2014

weekend stuff

★  Eating: Taco soup (a mish mash of several different recipes found via pinterest - it tasted pretty lush, even if I do say so myself).

★  Drinking: Tribute pale ale down at The White Horse in Brixton for a friend's birthday on Saturday night.

★  Catching-up with: Moriarty. He'd been rather reclusive for the last week or so and no amount of walnut bribes would entice him out. However, this weekend he was v.sociable and he didn't seem to want to go back in his cage at all last night.

  Watching: Ted Talks, pretty much back to back. There's literally hundreds of awesome talks to listen to but three stood out for me in our most recent binge – this one about hard choices was cool, as was this one about amazing feats of memory and this one about the Good Country index.

★  Knitting: I'm about 3/4 of the way through my jumper. That'll be the second sleeve once it's finished and then there's just the incredibly confusing "neck shaping" bit before joining all the pieces together. I'm excited for the outcome but a little concerned it'll be lumpy....

★  Sewing: I woke up on Sunday and decided that I should make something with the fabric I bought from the goldhawk road in June, so, I started this dress. There's quite a bit still do but I am immensely poor till pay day so I hope to finish it during the evenings this week.

★  Avoiding: Applying for jobs even though I really need to get on with it. I even went for a run in order to put off writing yet another cover letter. This weekend has basically been an exercise in procrastination.

★  Thinking: What am I doing with my life?

Good weekend?

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