13 Sep 2014

snaps from Hill Valley

Pics from the Secret Cinema event that everyone was talking about this summer. I know, I know, it's supposed to be a "secret" but it was in Stratford so anyone shopping at Westfield would have seen it, they were selling disposable cameras at the event AND it's over now so this isn't spoiling it for anyone. Justification over, here's what I thought...

Highlights (Pretty much everything! The hype was so right.)
 The set - the attention to detail was amazing! It featured lots of little Hill Valley shops (which could walk into, explore and buy stuff from) - including recognisable establishments from the film (Lou's cafe, petrol garage, movie theatre) - as well as the school, Peabody's farm, the courthouse and character's houses (Biff's grandmother's, McFly household and the Doc's!).
 The Fair. Candyfloss, a ferris wheel, need I say more?
 The film (duh!) - one of my all time favourites being projected onto the courthouse = awesome.
 The actors. They really brought the town to life (both before and during the actual screening). It was a lot of fun seeing them play out bits of the film.
 Dressing up. I am so glad I made some effort as practically everyone was in 50s type outfits. Some of the actors' costumes were incredibly cool.
 The music! Boy, was there a lot of music. Live bands played before the film, after the film and for a good proportion of the night at the school, for the enchantment under the sea dance obvs! And yes, I was in there dancing away to Johnny B Good and Earth Angel ;)

Not so great things
 Although the diner was so freaking cool, the burger was kinda meh (I read a review that said it was "amazing" so I was a little disappointed - clearly this person had never been to an Honest Burger) and the milkshake I got was shit and cost a fiver!
 It ain't no picnic. I get it that they want you to spend more money once inside but allowing un-opened bottles of water would've been nice.
 Scary actor. Although 99% of the actors we interacted with were v.fun, one guy, playing a gym teacher, got a little too into it and started shouting at me. I ran away. He was a bit too Strickland-y for my liking.

Apart from those niggly little points it really was a fabulous evening - we ate popcorn, drank cocktails and Tab(!), watched a real life delorean driving around the grassy square where we sat (whilst simultaneously watching it do the same thing in the film) and we danced out of the place listening to the band play The Power of Love. The cherry on the cake was the surprisingly hassle free journey home! Would definitely do Secret Cinema event again.

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