9 Sep 2014

felt grey seal

I made this little guy on Saturday as part of my sister's birthday gift. It might seem slightly random but she LOVES seals and I thought he'd look good on her shelf.

Rather stupidly I didn't take any pictures of the process as I was in the crafting zone - completely focused on making him and oblivious to technology. You'll just have to take my word for it, he was super simple to do. He's made from two pieces of A4 sized felt and uses 4 different templates (body, underside, front flipper and tail flipper) which I drew out on paper first to get the scale right. Once I'd cut out all the pieces it was just a case of hand stitching them together, turning them the right way out, stuffing them with toy filling and stitching them all together. I used black thread to sew the eyes, nose, smile and whisker holes and white thread for the actual whiskers.

I'm quite pleased with the ribbon/scarf which was just lying around in my sewing box, reckon it makes a good finishing touch.

You'll be pleased to know that my sis loved it :)


  1. You made this?!? That is so amazing! Super cute.

  2. I did love it!! He looks so cute on the shelf next to his camel buddy! x

  3. He looks so chic with his scarf! I love the whiskers too- such attention to detail :) xxx


Ta v.much :)

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