28 Sep 2014

fun breakfast

 Ever since I've known Mitch (that's over 5 and a half years now) he has always had shift work jobs which inevitably meant that he worked weekends. Not all weekends but most of them, or most likely either the Saturday or the Sunday, a whole one was a rare and beautiful thing. But that's all about to change. He's switched departments and now he only works Mon-Fri! To celebrate this momentous and awesome change, I've decided that I want to make more effort with weekend breakfasts. It's quite possibly my favourite meal of the day - when done properly of course. And, in this day and age, there's so much choice I really don't have an excuse to not start the day right - be it healthly or indulgently. So here it is, a first of hopefully many: fun breakfast :)

toast (seeded loaf)
dash of olive oil
half a tomato
half an avocado
one soft-boiled egg
pinch of black pepper

V.simple, colourful and lush.


  1. That looks delicious! How brilliant that you're able to spend the entirety of your weekends together from now on- especially as newly-marrieds :) xxx

  2. Oh my goodness, that looks so delicious! Congratulations to you both on being able to have the entire weekend together now! :) x


Ta v.much :)

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