4 Jul 2014

open day @ Hackney Downs Studios

Last night my sis and I trekked out to East London to have a nose around Hackney Downs Studios. They house a varied mix of illustrators, photographers, film makers, arty collectives, furniture designers, jewellery makers and more! It was a fantastic oppportunity to have a look at the creative workspaces of some v.talented people all for the pricely sum of: zilch! And not only were the tickets free, so were the welcoming beers/sangria/G&Ts!

The studios were a bit of labyrinth - up and down stairs, through narrow corridors, walking across roofs - but we stuck to the winding path set out with pink arrows on the floor (and beautifully illustrated in map form by Steph Parr in our guide book). All the spaces were immensely cool as were the studio residents that we managed to have a quick chat with. I ended up feeling v.inspired but also rather jealous as this was where they had to come for work - beats my office anyday! In between chatting, drinking and nosing around I managed to get a few pics. They don't really do justice as to how ace the place actually was but you'll get the idea.


Lydie Greco set up this awesome "photobooth" where instead of getting a printed pic, she draws you! Both Katie and I had a go. Easily the most flattering photobooth picture I've ever obtained and she definitely captured my massive grin :)

When the studio opens up its doors again (as I'm sure they will), I highly reccomend a visit!

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