1 Jul 2014

getting my wedding craft on

I've tried to keep wedding talk to a minimum on here for 3 reasons:
1. Occasionally, v.occasionally, one of my friends from real life will tell me they've been reading my blog which is always a nice surprise. So, just in case they do come over for a read, I'd rather they didn't see any spoilers as to what's in store for August.
2. I'm a little superstitious. Talking incessantly about something that hasn't happened yet often makes me think I'm going to jinx something. I know, I know, it's completely irrational and I'm crazy.
3. I assume it can't be all that interesting for you guys to hear me waxing lyrical about wedding stuff all the time.

However, the time has come to break my silence in spite of those three points. Well, sort of. You see, although it's taken a back seat on the blog, the wedding has taken over A LOT of my real life and free time. Hello DIY wedding! Take the weekend just gone for example. I didn't leave the house at all on Saturday but I wasn't just lounging around watching shit TV the whole time (just some of the time). I was busy measuring, making and sewing - all things for the wedding. Sunday was v.much the same and I predict that these last few weekends (only six) before the day will also include wedding related prep. For the record, I am in no way complaining - I bloody love making things and could happily spend hours making flowers out of tissue paper, but hey, that's just me. Mitch and I chose a DIY wedding because that's what we want - a wedding made up (quite literally) of all the stuff we love, stuff that will (hopefully) make the day an extension of ourselves.

So, although those snails were pretty cool, how about I give you a little sneak peak into what I've actually been up to...

From the top!
1 // flags for bunting (over 40 metres worth so far)
2 // tissue paper flower making for garlands (not dissimilar to the ones I made in January)
3 // illustrations for the invites
4 // fruits of rooting around for old photos
5 // paper flower making  - this is so unbelievably satisfying
6 // geometric patterns created in InDesign
7 // mini paper bunting


  1. This looks adorable and exciting at the same time! The mini paper bunting and the paper flowers look incredible MANY BRAVOS! x

  2. Awwww....this all so adorable. The flags and illustrations are very charming. Curious about the geometric patterns and what they'll be used for.

    1. we used geometric patterns as the backgrounds for our save the dates and these ones will be background stuff for a small element of the day :) there's not real 'theme' but it's nice to have a couple of things that link up i think


Ta v.much :)

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