3 Jul 2014

a photo an hour (ish) #4

Yesterday was the last ever photoshoot for the quilt magazine which we started way back in August 2011 when this blog was v.much in its early stages of life. Yup, just shy of three years ago, I arrived in the Brixton studio for the first time to commence my role as hand model. I guess it's typical to say it feels like yesterday but actually, it doesn't. A lot of stuff has happened in that time both in ad out of work and my fortnightly trips to the studio have been a constant throughout. It's been a fantastic experience, I've learned a lot (how to quilt for a start!) but most of all, it's been great laugh. I am seriously going to miss it - photoshoots were always a highlight of my job (getting out from behind my desk and away from the office can never be a bad thing) because it meant I could interact with more people (which is always good in a small company). So, I decided to do another 'photo an hour' to celebrate this end of a glorious era!

8am - view from my window 

9:15am - arrive at the studio

10am - work begins...

11am - catching a few rays outside between shots

Midday - all hands on deck! We took a spoof pic to commemorate the last hand modelling shot :)

1pm - the last ever shot for the magazine

2:15pm - honesty is the best policy. To celebrate the end of the shoot we all went to Brixton Village for some Honest Burgers...

3pm - ...before popping into Rosie's for some tea and cake

4:15 - waiting for a train at Vauxhall

5pm - interesting character spotted in 'Fable III'. Mitch was playing this when I got home, I watched for a bit and decided that it was pretty crap. Some of the lines spoken by the characters were pretty inappropriate even for a computer game.

6pm - sewing. I'm in the process of making a dress using some light and summery fabric from the Goldhawk Road

8pm - we actually had dinner at 7pm (a v.tasty veggie chilli dish) but I forgot to take a picture. Afterwards I continued sewing and almost completed the bodice.

9pm - cuddles with moriarty

11pm - bit of reading before bed

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