8 Feb 2016


Saturday was my 29th birthday and the short version is: it was fan-bloody-tastic!

If you've got time to hear the long version here we go...

The day started in bed with a cup of tea whilst opening all my cards, followed by a late breakfast (avocado, radish, cucumber, poached egg and minted yoghurt on sourdough toast - it's as good as it sounds) at The Peckham Pelican. Then we hot-footed it over to Greenwich (which is now only a 30 min bus ride away - gah, I love south London), or more specifically the Planetarium to see the Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition which, as always, was incredible! This year there were a lot of amazing shots taken in Norway which has just re-affirmed to Mitch and I that we neeeeeed to go to there :)

We took a stroll down to Greenwich market - mooched about, ate some churros - before going to the Picturehouse to see Trumbo (which incidentally is great and well worth a watch). Then we headed to Brixton's Effra Social for dinner, beers and some unexpected breakdancing! Not me, I might add, rather a bunch of guys who just happened to be there - it was pretty cool.

As you've probably guessed, my first day of 29 was perfecto as were the gifts I received (v.spoilt, me)!

I tend to be very reflective around birthdays - thoughts about what I've achieved (and haven't) in the last year and what I hope to do in the next. 28 was a bit of a roller-coaster year - I started it miserable, unemployed and living at my parents' house and here I am a year later, employed, living in my own place and with a generally more positive mood! So what have I got planned for this, the last year of my twenties? Well, you won't find a "30 before 30" list here, l'm not about to cram a ton of stuff into just one year and to be honest, I've never really fancied one of those lists anyway. I don't like the idea of putting together an age defined list of goals, particularly as I feel like I'm still about 24 anyway. I'm sure people will tell me that there's experiences that "just aren't the same" if you do them when you're over 30 and maybe that's true. However, one thing I've learned about getting older is that I see things differently, I question more and (although it sounds cringey) I know myself better, I feel more capable and confident that I've ever been. If I'd have written a 30 before 30 list four years ago I'm not entirely sure whether much of it would be relevant now, so much has changed. Oh well, I guess we'll never know!

So what DO I want to do this year? A little look at my ideas for 2016 post will give you an inkling but basically I want to have a great time! Whether it be going on holiday, doing more dressmaking (and sewing in general) or getting to know our new neighbourhood (there's a lot going on in Peckham and I intend to eat, booze and explore my way through it). I have a good feeling about the last year of my twenties :)


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  2. Happy birthday lovely! Glad you had an awesome day - sounds perfect!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. Happy Birthday! I hate those 30 by 30 lists too, because a true life worth living, with all it's ups and downs, shouldn't be quantified in a list-form. At least that's my opinion. I love Bryan Cranston so I need to catch Trumbo sometime.

  4. Happy birthday! Sounds like a fab day.

  5. Happy birthday! I do love days that involve lots of delicious food :)

  6. Sounds like an awesome exhibition! But oh no wait its Greenwich hehehe. I spot Leeloo in there :)


Ta v.much :)

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