26 Feb 2016


★ Reading: The Circle by Dave Eggers. Work's book club choice. 130 pages in and I'm liking it. Alas, my new commute means I hardly get any reading time so I think it's going to take me a while.

★ Watching: Daredevil (bloody as hell but excellent); BoJack the Horseman (I can no longer imagine Will Arnett as anything other than an anthropomorphic horse - it's both funny and surprisingly poignant); the Night Manager (so there's only been one episode but oooooh I'm hooked); Fresh Meat (again there's only been one episode but this is the last series, I have good feelings).

★ Wearing: new boots (bought with birthday money) from asos - they're v.comfy and I like that I branched out and now own boots in ox blood red.

★ Drinking: Mead! A (very) local mead brewery had its first open day last Saturday. Made with only two ingredients - honey and water - I'm a bit of a convert and reckon it'll make a nice alternative to beer every now and again.

Making: Mitch got me a load of liberty print off cuts for my birthday and they're the perfect size for hexagons so I thought I'd try my hand at paper piecing. There's something very satisfying about hand sewing and, much like knitting, it's not nearly as antisocial (or loud) as using the sewing machine. And speaking of knitting, I've started another jumper! The plan is to finish it by mid April so I can wear it in Helsinki :)

★ Looking forward to: the weekend, especially as we're off to Brighton. Some of my amazing friends are running the half marathon and we're going to cheer them on.

★  Feeling: more settled in the flat but I'm anxious to get all our stuff sorted and in their rightful place (not to mention putting art on the walls)! Patience has never been a strong suit of mine. I'm also feeling rather great - it's funny how a long awaited haircut can give that little bit of confidence you never knew you were missing.


  1. Yaas, for boots and beat-downs (Daredevil)! That one scene in the bowling alley.......

  2. Lovely stuff! Looking forward to seeing more of your jumper!
    Zoe | floral and feather


Ta v.much :)

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