31 Jan 2016

January in numbers

16th: the day we moved into our flat. January has v.much been about the flat - packing, moving, unpacking, settling in, (slowly) buying things we need.

½ pints: my preferred beverage of choice. Dry January was (and is) never an option. Half pints however, are the way forward - 4 on a week night is my limit these days. It probably works out more expensive than buying pints but I think my liver is happier with me!

10: the number of nights my friend from America came to stay. Four days after we moved in Alex arrived to a rather higgledy-piggledy mess of a flat but we made it work. He cooked for us, baked for us and even made us coasters!

5,000: the average number a worker bees you'll find in a hive in winter. Mitch and I have started a bee-keeping course this month. There's only been two sessions so far but we've learned A LOT about bees and I can tell you: they are amazing creatures.

10hrs: the entire series of Making A Murderer watched in 3 sittings in the space of 6 days (one evening we watched 6 in a row - gah, was I stressed and mad after that).

-2℃:the coldest it's been this month. It might sound weird but I quite enjoyed that spell of frosty mornings, what can I say, I like my Januarys sunny and cold.


  1. Ooo I wouldn't mind -2C for a wintry day. Mind you the coldest it's gotten where I live was "only" -17C this year, as opposed to -28C the year before. Glad it's starting to get a little warmer!

  2. The bee-keeping course sounds fascinating! Yeah I much prefer cold & frosty to this endless damp, warm weather. The few really cold days in January have been lovely.


Ta v.much :)

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