22 Feb 2016


Green is one of my favourite colours - eye colour, clothing, generally 'being' in (ie: forests, countryside etc) and, as it seems, household bits and bobs.

Over the last few weeks we've slowly accumilated hitherto missing kitchen items and soft furnishings to make the flat a more functioning home, including a toaster and frying pan. Green seemed like a reoccurring theme so I did what any blogger would do, I collected together a selection of our old and new green-coloured things and took a picture and, I have to admit, this was a pretty satisfying thing to do (I'm a big fan of Things Organised Neatly)!

Some of my new favourites include the nessie ladle (a house warming gift from my sis) and the Wild and Wolf phone. I realised after I'd put everything back that I actually have more green notebooks (I have many many notebooks) and books for that matter but meh, this was only meant to give an idea the amount of green going on. FYI, it's a fair amount.

Do you find yourself gravitating to certain colours in your home?


  1. I love this! My fave is the green frying pan and I realize it's probably because you have it in the center of the photo. I have a lot of red and white in my kitchen.

  2. Alle these things look lovely! What a great idea to collect all these things in different shades and tones of green, your flat will look super I think!

  3. Funny, I was just talking about colour in our home yesterday. I gravitate to shades of blue - from navy to duck egg blue, from turquoise to sky blue - and only really venture near green in colours like teal blue! Thomas loves walls painted deep, rich colours but I can't cope with anything other than bright white walls, all the better to show off bright coloured prints, textiles and knick knacks.


Ta v.much :)

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