12 Oct 2015


Last weekend was a bloody good one because: I had dinner at a friends (there was much wine, putting-the-world-to-rights talk and view gazing from her building's amazing roof terrace); mitch and I spent an impromptu day and evening in Peckham (firstly at the crafty fox market and then quite a few hours at The Hope drinking tasty beer and eating delicious Venezuelan street food); making a fun breakfast; and lazy about doing lots a crafty stuff (continuing with my jumper, trying my hand at weaving and making my #fortheloveof green heart given out by the awesome Craftivist Collective in support of the climate coalition - I picked avocados, obvs).

So yeah, bloody great. How about you, get up to much at the weekend? 


  1. Yum! I went to a Turkish place with a new friend to try lahmacun, which is sort of like Turkish pizza. I wish we took a photo but we inhaled it immediately.

  2. Ah cool! Wish I could have gone to the Crafty Fox with you. But I love my card and my little heart kit too!

  3. I've still never been to Peckham, totally need to do a day there like you have! I had a very relaxing weekend after like the busiest 2 months ever so it was very needed! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  4. Looks like an ace weekend. I'm very aware of not really using my weekends to their best advantage at the moment - roll on January and having some energy instead of needing the weekend to sleep after a week at school!


Ta v.much :)

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