19 Oct 2015

Having a go at weaving

A couple of weeks ago  I treated myself to the most recent issue of Mollie Makes (a two and a half hour train to Manchester was the perfect excuse) aaaand it included a mini loom kit! I've been meaning to try weaving for some time, since seeing Artemis's stuff. So this weekend I had a go and this is my first attempt. It's not great, the tension is rubbish and for some reason I've managed to leave little gaps here and there but whatevs it was fun to do, I just need more practice I reckon :)

As well as trying my hand at weaving, this was another great weekend because: francao manca dinner + many many glasses of red wine with the girls on Friday night; pancakes; a visit to the Mall Gallery to see my dad's painting which is currently in an exhibition there; dropping in on Forbidden Planet (always a joy); knitting; gardening; and watching a lot of 30 Rock. Hope you had a good one too!

1 comment:

  1. Ooh that looks lovely! I kinda fancy trying it too but I have too many crafts on the go! Hey you should come visit Glasgow, we have a Forbidden Planet too ;)


Ta v.much :)

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