3 Oct 2015

September was...here, there and everywhere

If any word could sum up last month it would be: travel, or maybe: journey. I've been all over the shop, mostly for work but also for fun. I've been very fortunate in my job at the moment, getting out and about, and even travelling up and down the country, talking to people about the charity. They are long and tiring days but definitely worth it :) Highlights were most definitely my days in Bristol and Manchester. I just wish I'd had more time to myself to do more exploring, particularly in Manchester, I'd never been before and I was liking the vibes there a lot.

As well as work travel, I manged a holiday in Slovakia and a weekend in Yorkshire (pictures to come) two v.excellent short breaks to give me that space I need from London in order to appreciate it more when I return. 

Pushing that journey metaphor to its absolute limits, the flat debacle rumbles on (still no sign of a concrete destination) and our veg growing attempts are facing delays what with these chilly evenings and early sunsets. Still, we're ploughing on and we'll just have to see what happens - the v.sunny and warm-ish week has been great, I'm hoping it lasts a little longer.

And here we are at October and it's well established autumnal-ness - yay for knitted jumpers, fallen leaves, conkers, pub garden heaters, boots, soups and scarves!

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