25 Oct 2015

Garden update: winter is coming

So the last time I talked about the garden we were doing pretty well - tomatoes, chillies, courgettes, beetroot. Fast forward a couple of months and the garden is winding down somewhat, mostly thanks to these early sunsets and chilly mornings. Mind you, it's not stopped our tomato plants! Last weekend we picked a whole bag full, all green but they're ripening very nicely on the kitchen windowsill.

It was actually the last veg haul of 2015 as last weekend we also decided to cut back our giant tomato and chilli plants, in the hopes that they'll conserve their energy and, along with some TLC from us over the winter months, come back to life in the spring. I've no idea if this is possible but hey, this whole thing has been a trial and error adventure so we thought we'd have a go. Although we'll be able to keep the chilli, tomato and various herbs indoors, there's no way to save our mighty courgette plant which is a shame. Nor is there anything to do about the cauliflower and broccoli, we'll just have to see how hardy they really are.

Looking back to my first post about the garden, it pleased me a lot to find it's been just over a year since our little project started out. A year of hard graft - hours of digging, clearing, shredding, planting, tending, watering. And was it worth it? Hell yes! We most definitely filled our boots this summer with home grown produce and learned a lot throughout the process.

Here's to the next part of our veg growing escapades, I've got my fingers crossed for our fledgling tomato cuttings...

I'll leave you with Joanna Newsom's song, 81, as it's been rattling around in my head the last month or so and some of the gardening lyrics feel quite relevant :)

"I found a little plot of land in the garden of Eden...I tilled it with my two hands and called it my very own..."

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  1. Nice! My mom grows her own fruits and vegetables. I usually water for her whenever my parents are on vacation. It's a lot of hard work but it pays off in ways you can touch, smell and taste.


Ta v.much :)

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