2 Jan 2015

the year that was 2014

There was never a dull moment in 2014 and so the rollercoaster metaphor has never felt more appropriate, not only in terms of speed but also that whole 'highs and lows' reference. Let's start with the best bits.

It goes without saying that the ultimate high of 2014 was getting married. I know I tend to get super soppy when I talk about Mitch, but he really is flipping ace and being husband and wife is bloody cool. Anyway, getting back to the day, our wedding was easily the best day of 2014.
It was a great year for travelling, particularly around this fair island. Thanks to the fact that my lovely friend Lauren is happy to drive for hours and hours, I enjoyed weekends in the Lake District, Pembrokeshire and Falmouth. Throw in the honeymoon in Cornwall and a couple of city day trips (York, Birmingham, Bath & Cambridge), I think I did rather well this year. I also had a super cheap and fun few days in Budapest wih my sis back in April.

2014 was a very productive year in terms of crafting. I knitted a scarf for Mitch (and another for me), finished my granny square blanket, tried my hand at needlepoint and felt, made my 4th quilt, completed three dresses and knitted my first ever bobble hat. Also, as a bonus, the wedding encouraged me to try a variety of crafty things (I might do a few posts on them at some point).

I got to see a lot of cool shiz last year, favourites included: Secret Cinema's screening of Back to the Future, Pixies at Victoria Park, a Spurs game at the Lane and a tour of East London's street art.

Now for the not so great bits. In November my nana died. She'd had dementia for a few years and it'd had a devastating effect on her day-to-day life. But, I have so many great memories of her from before the dementia took hold. Her funeral was tough but beautiful, a real celebration of her amazing 91 years.

There's been a lot of big life changes in 2014 - getting married, moving back home, being made redundant. Getting married, in some ways, felt progressive, a thought towards my future at the very least. The latter two changes have, at times, seemed like two steps backwards. Of course, moving in with the parents is a temporary thing and a means to an end but it's not all plain sailing. And although the transition to another job was almost seamless back in October, my short time at the charity was just that, a short-term contract and it finished before Christmas. Still, it could be worse, being unemployed whilst at living at my parents' means that at least I don't have to worry about paying rent!

I can't end this post on a bum-note as 2014 definitely didn't end that way. Yes, some aspects of my life are a little uncertain (aren't everybody's?) but, armed with a hella lot of positivity, I'm ready for all the opportunities and possibilites 2015 has in store for me.


  1. This was lovely to read - what a year 2014 was for you. Happy New Year, and here's to good things in 2015.

  2. As always your pictures are so beautiful of the places you visited! Happy New Year!

  3. Love the granny square blanket you made, such lovely colours. I think some years are sent to test us a little, but always make us stronger - here's to lots of new things on the horizon for you in 2015! xx

    1. Thanks Siobahn :) Yeah, I think 2014 (or at least the end of it) was one of those for me. Here's to a great 2015 for you too! x

  4. Wow what an awesome year! Well except for things with your gran, but at least you got to know her for a long time. I love all your crafty projects and that beautiful wedding! :)


Ta v.much :)

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