31 Dec 2014

Christmas looked like this

5 days down in the New Forest wherein we ate turkey and stuffing, christmas pudding and iced biscuits; drank sloe gin, port and lemons and countless cups of tea; watched festive films and back to back episodes of Mongrels; sat around the fire and opened presents; went for walks in the forest, along the sea front at Milford, around the winding paths of the old salt marshes at Lymington and up to the village of Lyndhurst for a couple of drinks in the pub and to see the lights; played cards for hours (sh*thead is the family fave) and took a trip to the outdoor (heated) pool - a vague attempt to work off some of the xmas feasting.

It was over as quickly as it arrived and I'd be lying if I said I feel rested. But, as always, I'm grateful for the break from London and to be able to get together with my family, including Moriarty who came along for the ride - he's a pretty well-travelled for a hamster!

In other news, it's the last day of the year - cue standard "where has the time gone?!" bewilderment -  the year when I had the best day of my life so far, the day I married my favourite person in the world. And where will you find us fairly-newly-weds on our first new years as husband and wife? Eating pizza and watching a movie, most probably in bed. We did have plans to welcome in the new year with friends at a party near Brighton but Mitch is a rather poorly. So, it'll just be a quiet night in for the two of us. I can think of worst ways to spend new year's eve :) Hope you have a good one wherever you are. See you next year!

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  1. Some of the landscape photos and the Christmas tree photo give off a fairytale, I feel. Sounds like an amazing holiday and a great year as well. Cheers!


Ta v.much :)

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