20 Jan 2015

made: needlepoint stegosaurus

Whilst I was am still making my auntie and uncle's christmas present, I fancied doing a bit of experimenting with patterns (their needlepoint picture is pretty much just three colours which gets a little boring after a while). This is what materialised.
Looking at it now I wish I'd stitched the whole of the background in colour, leaving the stegosaurus all white instead of the half and half thing (which, incidentally was one of my favourite ways to colour-in as a child, I thought it was v.cool). But oh well, I'll find a home for this little guy somewhere. Now the dinosaur distraction is finished I really should crack on with the christmas present!


  1. Argh I love it! Such a cool idea :)

  2. That's still a pretty legit needlepoint! Much cooler than anything I'm able to do.

  3. I think it still looks fab! That is totally the pattern I always like as well. I've never tried proper need point, ususally stick with cross stitch but it looks really good! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. The different stitches look awesome together! I love a bit of reverse stitching and only doing the background - i've done it myself in a couple of blackwork pieces - particularly maps, really makes it all pop out so well!

    1. ah I love maps, that sounds like it would look ace!


Ta v.much :)

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