8 Jan 2015

TOFT bear

As a little Christmas present to myself I ordered Toft's polar bear kit (opting for chestnut wool rather than the suggested cream) and spent the evenings between Christmas and new year cosied up in front of the fire crocheting away.

After a couple of fasle starts (and all I needed to do was watch all the v.helpful tutorials on the Toft website) the pattern was actually super simple to follow. Although the original white polar bear is cute, I'm really pleased with how my little brown bear turned out. Also, he's the first 3D thing I've crocheted successfully!
I reckon he'd make a lovely gift for a little one. I'm quite tempted to make a charcoal one, or possibly try one of the other animals in Edward's Menagerie - I especially love the wolf, tiger and highland cow (but that last one looks a but tricky). I wouldn't mind a visit to the alpaca farm too...

Oh yeah, I also knitted my bear a little moss stitch scarf, just because.


  1. Very cute! I fancy a bit of a crochet challenge :)

  2. Super cute! The scarf is the perfect touch.

  3. I LOVE this! What a lovely idea and he is just the cutest, might have to give one a go myself...! x

    1. Ah thanks Jo! Yeah you should, he was very satisfying to make x

  4. Argh so cute, I love his scarf! :)

  5. Oh my gosh, this little fella is adorable! They'd make perfect gifts for new babies.

  6. He is such an adorable little bear! Maybe make a polar bear version too? For me? Yes? Excellent!


Ta v.much :)

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