23 Dec 2014

feeling festive...finally

Much much later than usual, I'm finally feeling festive. I'm going to blame the crazy busy situation at work for my lack of excitment about the Christmas break. However, the last week or so was full of fun seaonally exciteable get-togethers - dinner and drinks with Mitch's work friends, drinks with work, our first "Christmas" with Mitch's family this weekend and, the evening that kicked it all off: mulled wine and mince pies while we decorated my friends' tree. (Incidentally that was one of my favourite evenings in a while and the best tree dressing I've experienced - there's a lot to be said for a group doing it together.) Now I'm very much looking forward to a well-deserved break, a good few days out of London, surrounded by family. It's gonna be good :)

It'll be quiet on here for the next few days as I'm off to the New Forest (in less than 5 hours!!!) so I'll wish you all now...
Merry Christmas / Happy Winter Break!

For anyone who's still not quite there festivie-wise (and everyone who is) I leave you with Mike Oldfield. I think it's actually impossible to feel anything but super happy when listening to this.

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Ta v.much :)

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