15 Dec 2014

what Sundays are made for

1 // Sleeping in till late
2 // Crocheting whilst Mitch plays computer games
3 // Christmas present making (aka potato printing)
4 // Spending quality time with my sister (aka watching The Guardians of the Galaxy)
5 // Keeping myself sustained (aka eating mince pies with brandy butter)
6 // Cuddles with Moriarty
And not a job application form or cover letter in sight.


  1. That potato stamp is brilliant! I haven't done potato stamping for ages, might put it on the ever-growing list of things I'd like to do in 2015...

  2. That potato stamp is incredible! I want to do a whole wall in those cat faces now :) xxx

  3. Guardians of the Galaxy! Awesome movie and yes that cat stamp is amazing!

  4. The potato stamp is so great, what a cute cat print! I've never tried potato stamping but this makes me want to go and find some spuds....


Ta v.much :)

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