4 Nov 2014

the halloween weekend in numbers

Ziltch: Halloween acknowledgement or related activities (horror film watching/dressing up) carried out over the weekend.

7:20pm: The time on Friday when two awesome women commenced one v.cool interview at the Royal Festival Hall.
(In case you didn't see my excitable and gushing tweets - Caitlin Moran and Lena Dunham were amazing, the interview was all that I hoped it would be and more. I left feeling empowered and with a signed copy of 'Not That Kind of Girl'.)

3 hours: Gardening on Saturday. SO many muscles ached afterwards which, I assume, is what happens when you don't do any gardening (or other kind of excercise) for two weeks.

7: The number of squares knitted for a magazine project, two of which were completed in the pub.

15 minutes: Of fireworks put on by the aforementioned pub.

8: Us lot, the only people who brought sparklers to said pub. We had Mitch to thank for that stroke of genuis. I'd forgotten how much fun they are.

100% confirmed: I am going through a bloody mary phase. Cannot get enough of those things.


  1. I've always loved eating tomatoes, even as a baby so Bloody Marys are always right up my alley. I think I want to start knitting in bars now.

  2. That little nibbling face is adorable :) Sparklers are rather magical - definitely too much fun to be restricted to children alone xxx


Ta v.much :)

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