23 Nov 2014

Renegade Craft Fair

 Yesterday my sis and I journeyed to Brick Lane's Truman Brewery for, what is fast becoming, our annual visit to the fabulous Renegade Craft Fair. Much like last year, the space was jam-packed full of independent makers, designers and illustrators selling their awesome stuff. It was the perfect chance to make a start on my christmas shopping, ahem, as well as buy a few little bits and pieces for me. Here's my haul:

wrapping paper from The Key Print House // oyster card holder from Oh squirrell (who, incidentally, made my beautiful 'bride' sash) // printed notebook from Georgia Bosson // postage stamp christmas card from Charlotte Farmer // Also purchased (but not pictured because they're christmas pressies) a brooch from And Smile & something v.cool from Dear Colleen. If I'd had more money to spend: one of Hania's rings, Oh no Rachio's succulent kit and one of these 'Jesus and friends' postcards from Unusual Cards would have been mine.

Purchases made, we went in search of sustance (and mojitos) at Moo Cantina, home of happy hour cocktails and seriously cheesy and tasty grilled sandwiches.

Renegade Craft Fair is on today too so if you've got nothing planned, and you love a bit of indie craft, I highly reccomend a visit!


  1. I recognise some of the brands in your photos (helloDODO are a firm favourite of mine) but there are some I haven't heard of before - off to check their etsy shops immediately. For Christmas presents, obviously... xxx

  2. Oh my goodness! What a wealth of amazing stuff. I'm also looking up all these sellers. Very curious at to what broach you selected but don't want the surprise spoiled for the recipient either.


Ta v.much :)

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