11 Nov 2014

garden progress

Last month, Mitch and I started working on a neglected bit of my nan's garden with the aim to turn it into a vegetable patch. We've been going every weekend (apart from when we went to Falmouth) and it's really starting to take shape.


And after - sans the beast of a hedge which was obscuring the rest of the garden and house:

After, a LOT of digging:

I'd thought that clearing the brambles was hard but digging up roots, turning the earth and raking was waaaay more knackering. Thanks to the last few weekends I've come to associate Saturdays with aching limbs! Hopefully it'll all be worth it though.

Some of the bricks dug up from the earth.

We actually planted something this weekend, not anything we can eat mind you, but some stuff (mustard seeds) that'll be good for the soil. Fingers crossed they'll sprout!


  1. Oh man, best of luck! Growing vegetables takes a lot of patience but it looks like you guys did the hardest part already.

  2. Oh wow!! Well done- it looks so much better. Your Nan must be really pleased to see it being used again too :) xxx


Ta v.much :)

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