13 Nov 2014

making lately

Lots of knitted squares for a knitting magazine project // a couple more coin purses // some doodling (with tongue twisters as my inspiration) // Mitch's scarf using two wools knit together.

I've had a lot on my plate in the last couple of weeks, in good and bad ways. It's all I can do in the week to get home, eat dinner and go to bed. Weekends too have been fairly low key - gardening, the odd visit o the cinema, a couple of drinks in the pub. I know that it's only going to get more full-on (both work-wise and socially) the closer we get to Christmas so, in an effort to prepare my body for the busy-ness to come, this weekend will be jam-packed full of good stuff - getting a haircut (dear lord I need one!), seeing friends and dancing till the early hours. Should be good and there's only tomorrow that stands in my way. Bring on the weekend!


  1. Those coin purses are really adorable.

  2. Oh those purses are so cute! I especially love the floral one.

  3. sounds like a fabulous weekend- I hope you have a brilliant time letting your newly-cut hair down xxx


Ta v.much :)

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