16 Sep 2015

in recent times

 Reading: How to be both - Ali Smith. 100 pages in and it's good :)

 Watching: A LOT of 30 Rock interspersed between episodes of Luther (good lord that program is grim) aaaand, of course, the great British bake off.

 Eating: produce from the garden :D and gluten free deliciousness at the gluten free festival in camden market at the weekend.

 Wearing: tights, boots and jumpers - the last few days in London have been pretty chilly (not that I'm complaining, autumn is my fave).

 Making: a jumper! Finally got back into knitting, gah I missed it so much! Hopefully this one will be better than my first attempt.

 Growing: chillies, tomatoes, hopefully a couple more courgettes and we just panted some broccoli (fingers crossed for this second attempt)!

 Looking forward to: a trip to Yorkshire this weekend and, at the risk of sounding odd, a work trip to Manchester.

 Feeling: a little on edge (home buying malarkey) and oh so very tired.

How are you?

1 comment:

  1. Yay for knitting again! It's just the right time of year to start a sweater, although all times are good as far as I'm concerned :)


Ta v.much :)

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