31 Mar 2015

March was...adventure filled!

All in all it's been a v.good March – I flew to Iceland for four fantastic nights, had a weekend away in Shropshire with friends, spent some quality time with Mitch on his week off from work, did some gardening, did some crafting, I even ended up having three interviews this month, which, although I didn't get any of them, definitely boosted my confidence after the hideousness of February. Weather wise, there's definitely been glimmers of spring and as I write this there's a bunch of daffs on my desk :) so yes, a v.good month. My goals didn't shape up too badly either...

1. Finish a bunch of craft projects - baby blanket, crochet bear, needlepoint black bird. Two out of three ain't bad (I'll post pics of the bear soon).
2. Get a haircut. I am still in need of a haircut but it's not really a priority when I need to think about travel money to interviews.
3.Go and see an exhibition (Magnificent Collections at the Barbican perhaps, or maybe Fashion on the Ration at the Imperial War Museum). I did do a day out at a few of London's museums but again, these two exhibtions will have to go on the back-burner for the moment.
4. Drink 1.5 litres of water a day and cut down on bread. Yes to both of these, plus, the kitchen is now finished which means we can cook on an oven, grill and hob again!
5. Go on another bike ride. Nope. Thanks to the kitchen being done, access to the shed and garage (which houses the bikes) was virtually impossible for the whole of March. Also lame was the fact that I only managed one game of badminton this month :(
6. Buy (or possibly make) an address book. Nope. Buying is out of the question, one day I will make one.
7. Set aside some time to do more drawing (you love doing it after all). I've done quite a bit of doodling, nothing worth sharing, just yet anyway...
8. Ebay the rest of the stuff set side *ahem* in January... Yup, everything got ebayed AND I set aside some stuff to take to charity too!
9. Continue to apply for jobs, 5 a week minimum (and do some prep for your interview). Yes! I've been pretty good at applying for stuff and it definitely paid off in March, although not quite the ultimate payoff, ie: a job. However, I'm feeling positive about April.
10. Sew something! We've got to March and I've not done ANY sewing yet this year :( This morning I re-hemmed a skirt which I've been meaning to do since January, that counts right?

It's gloriously sunny (and hella windy)  here in London. My plans for the day include: wearing said skirt mentioned above, applying for a job at Battersea dogs & cats home, buying ingredients for tonight's dinner, going for a run and finally watching the last two episodes of Twin Peaks. Not bad for a Tuesday :)


  1. Good job keeping up the job search. It takes a lot of focus and commitment. I just started Season Two of Twin Peaks on Netflix. Unfortunately I'm not loving it as much as I thought I would. Whenever it veers into soap opera territory, I just zone out.

    1. I liked the first series way more than the second, it seems to have lost its direction. I've got one episode to go and I really could just take it or leave it.


Ta v.much :)

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