3 Mar 2015

Making lately (and some March goals)

a bit of doodling // after successfully finishing my brown TOFT bear, my sis asked me to make her a white one // baby blanket progress // fun lunches

And some goals for the month...

1. Finish a bunch of craft projects - baby blanket, crochet bear, needlepoint black bird.
2. Get a haircut.
3.Go and see an exhibition (Magnificent Collections at the Barbican perhaps, or maybe Fashion on the Ration at the Imperial War Museum).
4. Drink 1.5 litres of water a day and cut down on bread - 1 slice a day maximum (being at home a lot has meant that my bread consumption has got way out of hand over the last month or so).
5. Go on another bike ride. 
6. Buy (or possibly make) an address book.
7. Set aside some time to do more drawing (you love doing it after all).
8. Ebay the rest of the stuff set side *ahem* in January...
9. Continue to apply for jobs, 5 a week minimum (and do some prep for your interview).
10. Sew something! We've got to March and I've not done ANY sewing yet this year :(

Happy Tuesday all!


  1. Ooh the blanket looks like it's coming along well! I love the colours :)

    1. Cheers :) my cousin actually had her baby last week so I need to get a move on with it!

  2. Oh nice! The white bear is starting to take shape and meals are always better with avocados!

    1. I bloody love avocados. So true :)

  3. I love that doodle - I'm a terrible artist and am in awe of anyone who can draw.

  4. The new drawings are cool! I particularly like the goal about making something new, especially the bear ;)

    1. It might need to wait till I've finished the blanket, Kate had her baby! :D


Ta v.much :)

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