25 Aug 2016

two years ♥

Last Tuesday marked mine and Mitch's 2nd wedding anniversary. It's funny, on the one hand I feel like we've been married forever (in a good way!), but on the other, it's as if the best day ever was only last weekend :)

Unlike our first anniversary, this year was rather low key, dinner in Peckham (Taiwanese at Mr Bao - SO good, we basically ordered everything on the menu) followed by some Star Trek back at the flat. We didn't even do gifts this year which I'm a bit sad about especially as two years is cloth and I had so many ideas (namely involving making clothes)! The truth is we'd just paid for our villa in Sicilly (two weeks today!!! I cannot wait!!!) and August in general has been busy (aka expensive) month.

A lot of things have finally fallen into place during the year which is probably why I boldly stated at dinner that I thought our second year of marriage was better than the first. The independence of having our own home has been, and continues to be, fricking amazing. We're also back living very close by to the majority of our friends. And, thanks to this more independent, relaxed, sociable set up we have, we've talked a lot more about future plans - travel, housing, (gulp) family. It's all very exciting and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else ♥

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  1. Thats it!! I had an otter card for you guys! Ugh, I had been saving it for ages and I forgot! Cute card at the top though :)


Ta v.much :)

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