21 Jul 2016

Makes of late - July

It's been a productive summer so far and what with my self-imposed clothes buying ban (except for a swimsuit), I have a feeling that there'll be a few more makes to come before we reach September.

Anyhoo, here's what's been under my sewing machine lately...

Baby quilt (which I blogged about here) // Scout tee (which you might recognise from my Me Made May post) // patchwork sleep mask // self drafted day dress

This was my first Scout tee and my first attempt at set-in sleeves. They're not a complete disaster but they are a bit puffy. Overall I'm happy with it - it's wearable (always a bonus when making clothes) - but it's a bit boxy which is probably due to my fabric choice. Don't get me wrong I luuurve the print but the material, although it's some cotton blend, it's quite stiff. I reckon this tee might be better in a lawn...

As much as I love these daylight savings hours, a combination of 4:30 sunrises and crap blinds means that I've been waking much too early for my liking. The sleep mask then was born out of need rather than whim. It's patchwork and quilted with some wadding in the middle. I cut it into a vague sleep mask shape before covering the edges with bias binding. I had some rather nice stretch cotton lace lying around so I stitched it to the otherwise boring elastic. Pretty simple but a cute (and useful) item nonetheless :)

Last but not least is my latest bit of dressmaking, finished last weekend, a self drafted day dress. Again, not a complete disaster but the zip isn't my finest bit of sewing. I have a long history of zip struggles and it really doesn't seem to be getting better with practice! Fortunately it's at the side which means it's not some huge monstrosity going down the back. The fabric is super light and airy, perfect for this spell of hot weather we seem to be having!

Next in the pipeline: possibly another baby quilt (a friend has just had her second bubba); more tees and hopefully more dresses...watch this space!


  1. I like the patterned tshirt boo! Very nice :)

  2. I'm always so in awe of your sewing skills, and I especially love the dress. Maybe the key to getting dresses that are long enough in the body for me is to make my own?


Ta v.much :)

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