2 Dec 2015

November was...productive

So here we are, the second of December, where did the last 31 days go? Who knows!

Anyway, as the title suggests I got my shit together in November, life admin wise but also in a creative sense: zippy tops (I've made a total of three now, pics to come), lavender birds, a fun little cushion pattern aaaand I finished my jumper (I'll do a post soon)! After a frankly shite October (the tail-end anyway), I decided that November would be spent doing the things I want to do. Aside from a few awesome events (seeing Derren Brown and Joanna Newsom live), going out on week nights has been reduced dramatically (how good is NOT going out?!), my time has become my own! I go to the gym a couple of nights a week but mostly my evenings are free to knit whilst watching Moonlighting/Man in the High Castle/Agents of Shield, and I couldn't be happier.

It's not going to last though, December, like every year, is looking busy...!


  1. Despite seeing her the week before in Manchester, I was SO jealous you got to see Joanna Newsom! I could watch her play live every week and never get tired of it. Also, I love your style- the little sneak peeks you give on Instagram of what you're wearing always makes me think about which bits of your outfit to steal/copy!

    1. She was so so good! Aw thanks Janet, I essentially live in checked shirts and stripes :)


Ta v.much :)

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