9 Dec 2015

Knitted Raglan Jumper

Last year I knitted my first jumper (actually I knitted it, then unravelled it and knitted it again) and I'm not shy to say: it was crap. I took some pics of me wearing it (for prosperity's sake) and they were promptly deleted. Frumpy and unflattering, the jumper got stuffed into a drawer and I haven't tried it on since!

Now, I'm not one to let things go so easily... I WOULD knit my own jumper and it wouldn't be shit and unwearable. So, back in October I started another. It's for beginners and is dead simple to knit up (apart from the neckline which I'll come to in a second), just four pieces - front, back, two sleeves - plus that pesky neckline. I completed it a couple of weeks ago, so here, in all its glory, is the finished thing.

Sure it's not perfect (can't be doing with perfection), a little on the large side and the neckline is a dog's dinner but whatevs, it's cosy and warm and I made it myself.

Next time (a dark red I'm thinking) I'd choose a smaller size and start the neckline a bit lower. It doesn't look it (I don't think) in the pictures but the neckline is a little on the tight side, getting it over my head isn't the smoothest of operations. The other problem (which probably has something to do with the fact I'm a tight knitter) was picking up the stitches to add on the neckline. It was actually impossible to fit my needles back into the stitches so instead I picked the stitches on the row below, hence why it's all a bit uneven. I haven't helped matters by choosing a contrasting colour (dark navy on green is pretty noticeable). My mum, skilled knitter, suggested I pull it out and do it in green and my dad, who knows sweet f.a about knitting, said I should redo it in grey to match the sleeves. Being a mature adult, who's able to take constructive criticism, I decided to ignore them both, mostly because the thought of redoing the neckline again filled me with horror (three whole evenings I wrestled with it!) but also because it's actually a recreation of a jumper I had a couple of years. A victim of shrinkage on an ill-fated visit to the washing machine, I loved that jumper and have been looking to replace it ever since it's departure to the charity shop (some small child is very lucky).

It's not quite the same but the essence is there and, most importantly I suppose, I'm happy with it. It's even had a couple of wears too! So there you have it: the story of my second (but first wearable) knitted jumper.

Got any knitting triumphs (or fails, there's no judging here) you'd like to share or point me to? I'm always interested to see what other knitters are up to :)


  1. Awesome! And that's the story of any neckline I have to do too - bloody picking up stitches, I hate it! I just sort of wing it now, it's working ok so far ;)

    1. That's really good to hear as I know you've knitted lots of stuff :) It was so difficult! I'm wondering whether it might be better to use a stitch holder thing rather than casting off but then how I block it?! Darn necklines!

  2. I don't have the patience to knit, but I really, really want to find someone who can make me a Weasley Christmas sweater from the Harry Potter books. I could go on Etsy but.....

    1. I imagine they'd be quite expensive on etsy as it takes quite a while to knit a jumper! Good luck on your quest :)


Ta v.much :)

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