3 Nov 2015

October was...hard work

Yay to the beautiful autumn colours, yay to knitwear, yay to dusting off my DMs, yay to foggy days and chilly evenings, yay to soups, pies and crumbles.

But actually, take all those things away and this has been a bit of a crappy month.

Crappy because flat buying stuff has been stressssssssful (bank and building society not agreeing on the price for starters - give me strength!), crappy because work has been stressssssssful (and I'd thought I was coping), crappy because my world got turned upside down a couple of times this month (and not in a good way) which has made me dread meeting up with people because I'm worried they'll ask how things are going and I'll have to say: really not that great. 

But actually, work and buying a flat isn't the sum of my parts.

It's thanks to Mitch, my friends and having some really great nights out (and nights in) that I've got through this shitty October. I reconnected with a couple of friends I'd not seen in over a year, had girly dinners, date nights with Mitch and saw in the end of the month dancing my ass off with the best 'day of the dead' make up I could muster :)

The line-up is looking pretty good for November: Spectre, curry night, renegade craft fair, Hunger Games, bonfire night, Joanna Newsom, Derren Brown, family christening - and that's just what I've got planned so far!

So, goodbye October you were hard work.

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