9 Nov 2015

experiments in dressmaking - map top

Late last week I finished making See Kate Sew's Zippy Top using this excellent map fabric bought from the Goldhawk Road back in April. This pattern is ace: only four pieces, no darts, clear instructions - the hardest part was putting the paper pattern together!

Despite the name, I have a confession...with no decent zips in my sewing box (the pattern calls for an exposed zip so I wanted to use a pretty one) and thanks to my impatience (I was determined to finish it before the weekend) I decided to omit the zip! I think it's fine without it but the next ones (already picked out fabrics for two more - the pattern really is a dream) will have zips.

Anyhoo I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out - quick, easy, comfy and it brightens up even the most grey November day :)


  1. It's a great top boo! The crazy map is great - so bright! x

  2. I LOVE this! Such a great print and the top looks great on you.

  3. Sew cute......hehehe. It truly is cute, though!

  4. Argh this is awesome! I love that map fabric, saw it as a dress before but I think a top is less in-your-face! :)

  5. Very cool! Love your hair too :)


Ta v.much :)

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